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Kage Gai//Suigetsu [Recreated from Originals]

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Kage Gai//Suigetsu [Recreated from Originals]

Post by Kisuke on January 3rd 2010, 1:35 am

Name: Kage Gai

A long black scythe measuring at approximately 6 feet belongs to Kisuke Sunosuke. The white, black, and red lightning shaped patterns enhance the fearsome looks that this weapon gives off. The blade is about 3 feet long and the back resembles, slightly, a large G. The sharp edges and the spiked sides make the weapon a lethal one that can be used to pierce, stab, or slash at the target. The pole of the scythe has no grip or guards meaning that only an experienced scythe wielder could fight with this without the risk of cutting their own hands off. The pitch black color suits Kisuke perfectly as it is a representation of his dark attitude towards his opponents.


Shadow Slash- Tapping into the secret powers of his scythe, Kisuke is enabled the ability to use his blade to physically "rip" holes into the world around him, altering the physical dimensions of the area. By doing so, he and anyone else that chooses to, can teleport to different locations by simply jumping into the portal and letting it take them to a different portal. Even with years of mastery over his scythe and its secrets, Kisuke's overall control and power over his scythe is limited and he is limited to creating only 3 portals total. With the portals come a problem. The problem is that two portals mean that where he will appear from is relatively predictable and with three, it is completely randomized through each teleportation which could mean that he may appear in front of the opponent. With each portal, Kisuke or whoever chooses to activate its effects will gain an increase in their evade rolls. With one portal (also corresponding to the amount of times this technique is activated) the evade roll increases by 1. With 2 portals, anyone can gain 2 dice values and with 3 portals, 4 dice values will be gained. A Special Dice must be rolled at the beginning of the turn in order to indicate that one is activating the power to use the portal and must specifically be for this effect and nothing else. No tsukara is required (besides any Evade dice payment) and the Special Dice only needs to be rolled once in order to indicate that the character can use the portals (once the Special Dice is rolled, the character gains the benefits).

Reverse Death Grip- Another self-defensive move the scythe has that prevents it from being used by others. When or if this weapon is unequipped from Kisuke, the opponent or ally will suffer 600 points of damage to their Health Points instantly if they equip it to themselves in battle through the use of some ability, effect, technique, or any other means. The same effects apply to creatures if they equip it too, and if the creature has a turn bar, their turns remaining are decreased by 2.

Barrier Shift Smashing- One of the most effective abilities that this weapon possesses. When activated and used, the weapon can literally smash a barrier that the opponent is using, deactivating it until the opponent reactivates it. There are certain conditions that must have occurred before Kisuke is able to use this ability of the scythe. First of all, the barrier, or defensive technique, that Kisuke targets must have been in effect for at least 3 straight turns. If the same defensive technique has been used for at least 10 turns total, the opponent can no longer use that technique for the rest of the battle.

Attack Power: 400
Dice Usage:

-Shadow Slash: Special
-Reverse Death Grip: Special (N/A)
-Barrier Shift Smashing: Special


-Shadow Slash: Supplementary
-Portal Zapping: Offensive
-Barrier Shift Smashing: Supplementary

Transformation(s): N/A
History: A scythe that is apart of Kisuke himself and used as the secret of the Sunosuke Clan. The Scythe of a Sunosuke is a unique tool as each scythe's true power varies based on the true owner of it. For this reason, other people are unable to properly wield a Sunosuke's Scythe especially one that has found a true wielder. Each Scythe is made by means that are secret to some. It is unknown what the scythe of each Sunosuke clan members' is made up of. Some members may have a scythe made of wood, others of steel, some of stone, and others of something unworldly. The true history of the scythes themselves are unknown to the Sunosuke themselves. Basically, the highest members of the clan that once existed formed a theory that the scythes are the hidden part
of a Sunosuke's soul and that the Scythe holds the untapped powers that the person cannot, by any natural means, tap into. This is the most information that anyone was able to come up with.

Name: Suigetsu
Appearance: Suigetsu is both a staff for spellcasters as well as a sword for swordsman. The outer portion of it is a light red color that almost resembles wood although it is made of a thick and highly durable plastic. The very tip of the staff has a semi-large hole that actually holds the blade of the weapon within it. When transferring pellcaster tsukara into the weapon, the blade shoots out ready to be used. The bottom of the staff is straight which also makes it resemble a sword although it has no hand guard and has no grip on it. This weapon is great for long-distance and close combat.


Absolute Hypnosis:
This technique is a secret special technique of the weapon which makes it a very cruel yet tactical weapon. Once this technique is activated, the person looking at the weapon is cast into a state of hypnosis and illusions and is
forced to view what the holder of the weapon wishes the target to see. The user can control who he wants to see the illusions. This is so that allies aren't accidentally affected. As a small side effect, anyone blind is immune to this technique because they cannot see anything. The hypnosis technique lasts for a brief moment (5 posts), but take a deadly effect on both the user and the victim. Once caught in the illusion, the opponent will lose 300 HP each turn for the 5 turns unless the special ability of the weapon isn't activated. The user will lose 150 HP for the 5 turns that the weapon is in effect. This isn't an offensive special move meaning that a defense dice or counterattack dice won't have any effect on this dice. Also, in order to activate this technique, the user must pay 300 Tsukara. After the 5 turns are up, the user must wait 2 turns before he can use this again. Also, the user's
Special Dice amounts are decreased by 2 for 2 turns (during the waiting time).

Instant Hypno Explosion:
This is an attack contrary to what the user may think by the attack. Actually, the attack makes an illusion that looks like an explosion that targets the opponent. This happens during the first turn of the technique. The
opponent may attempt to dodge, counter, or defend and that is when the effect takes place. If they attempted to do any of the three mentioned above, the affected character loses damage equal to 200 plus the amount they rolled multiplied by 3 (200+3X) [X=Dice rolled]. The attack is an illusion that is used as a trap. If the opponent doesn't avoid the attack, counter, or try to defend, then nothing at all happens and they are safe. A very high cost of 625 Tsukara is required for the use of this technique each time the user wishes to activate this. If no defense, evasion, or counter takes place, this technique does inflicts 50 HP as an average attack.

Support Spell 7-Illusion's Will:
This technique is to help an ally or anyone he chooses. This simple spell will allow the user to grant the target an increase of Tsukara equal to the amount that the user currently has after the attack is activated. When activated, the user and the target will glow a bright red to show the bond of strength that the two now has. This technique lasts for 8 turns at a time. Once this technique is activated, Kisuke must give up 120 HP every time he uses this. This technique shares the Tsukara, not gives it up, so the affected person must declare when the choose to use
Kisuke's Tsukara and the deducted Tsukara comes from Kisuke instead of the affected person. The dice amount of the opponent's roll when they choose Kisuke's Tsukara is decreased by 2.

Darkness Slash:
After sending his spellcaster energy through the sword-staff, Kisuke can send physical darkness tsukara through the weapon to further power it up. When an opponent is slashed (successfully hit by the weapon's average attack), the opponent is struck once again is inflicted with 230 points of damage. The attack from this ability is additional damage calculated directly after Kisuke's normal attack, which is any attack using an Attack Dice or a Special Dice.

Attack Power: 150
Dice Usage:

-Absolute Hypnosis: Special
-Instant Hypno Explosion: Special
-Support Spell 7-Illusion's Will: Special


-Absolute Hypnosis: Offensive
-Instant Hypno Explosion: Offensive
-Support Spell 7: Supplementary

Transformation(s): N/A
Kisuke first recovered this weapon during a mission in the past before Suzaku was even created. This weapon was located in a tomb that Kisuke raided to search for valuable treasures. During the night, Kisuke decided that this weapon would be potentially dangerous for both the victim and the user to handle so he locked it away, but with the birth of Suzaku, Kisuke has decided to take it out once again and learn its skills. The weapon is less dangerous to Kisuke now but it still could potentially become a problem if overused. Like the Dark Scythe, Kisuke can summon this weapon from the shadows into his hands to use in combat which makes carrying weapons into a battle an effortless task.


New Character: Kiregane Sunosuke

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Re: Kage Gai//Suigetsu [Recreated from Originals]

Post by Jisenki on January 18th 2010, 9:56 pm


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