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    Post by Riko on December 26th 2009, 8:41 pm

    Appearance: Yumiko's visors appear almost like a blindfold with a piece for the nose. From a distance the visor appears like purple sunglasses but upon closer inspection, the visors seem more like high-tech. Tiny screws surround the exterior. Also, two large connectors made of metal are on the front of the visors that seem to attach two individual pieces of the visors. A small button on the bottom of the visor allows Yumiko to detach the visor from her face. Although the visor generally keeps her from seeing, which is for her own reflex enhancements, she can use her psychic powers to activate the visors. The visors activated allow her to see in the dark, see long distances, and even determine the names, tsukara levels, and elemental affinities of each warrior she stares into the eyes of. Being more advanced technology, Yumiko can even get maps on different locations in order to see objects and buildings. The visors are also capable of seeing through multiple solid objects at a time.


    This accessory increases the Attack Power of Yumiko's techniques by 200.

    The visors that Yumiko wears were given to her when she joined up with the organization. Many of the higher ranked members of the organization use these visors so that group leaders can help out their teams during a mission. According to Yumiko, a new pair of visors are made every 4 years that supposedly have a much higher and much more advanced technology. With all the missions being performed often, new advanced in technology are always found for the organization. The visors are created with a bit of tsukara influenced metal and hacked by one of Yumiko's old allies so that she can combine the visors with her psychic powers. Originally, the visors weren't opaque but Yumiko enhanced them and made them opaque with the idea that she could increase her own reflexes by taking away her vision.
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    Post by Jisenki on January 1st 2010, 2:42 am


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