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Eterna Beast- Eternity [Not Unlocked]

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Eterna Beast- Eternity [Not Unlocked]

Post by Kisuke on December 9th 2009, 10:53 pm

Name: Eterna Beast-Eternity

Eterna Beast Eternity is one of the most confusing Eterna Beasts to understand and comprehend. The strange appearance of Eternity makes it difficult on one level, but the nature of the beast and his unique illusionary traits and techniques make it difficult on a much higher level. With long white hair that ends at about ankle-length, Eternity has a mixture of reds, greens, and blacks. Large red wings protrude from the upper back of Eternity. Gigantic claws can also be seen beneath a large cape-like robe that conceals most of Eternity's form and overall identity. Long spikes can be found under the hair of Eternity in the back of his head. Unlike the other Eterna Beasts, Eternity has no definite height and size being able to change his appearance with the help of his illusions.

Type of Creature: Eterna Beast
Creature Class: Class 5-Faina
Health Points/Turn Bar: 15 Turns
Summoning: Eterna Beast Capsule and the Eterna Beast Great Ritual Summoning [Link]
Creature Abilities&Techniques:

Deveray Cannon-Eternity transforms his arm into a cannon that fires a dark green blast of tsukara at any target. The tsukara seeps into the pores of the target and begins to take over like a virus until it has enough strength to reach the brain. This process doesn't take very long. It's at this point that the tsukara begins to take a negative effect on the target and inflict them with the Curse status. This technique lasts for a duration equivalent to the dice amount rolled to use this technique.

Astral Anti-Special- Changing size to perfectly fit the opponent's and then creating an astral form of himself, Infinity quickly merges with the target and leaks out special negative tsukara with himself. Once this is done Infinity quickly separates himself from the target. As long as Eternity is out and in play, the opponent loses 200 HP each time they use a Special Dice. They loses 200 HP per Special dice as well.

Sky Crash- Whenever the opponent uses a Defense Dice, that character takes 300 HP automatically. The Defense Dice they used is still in effect. Whenever the opponent uses a Special Dice that has Defensive or Supplementary benefits, the character loses 150 HP automatically. The Special Dice they used still has its effect applied.

Dimensional Shifting-Declare one range. As long as this creature is in play, no character can use techniques with the selected range. This technique lasts for 5 turns and the controller must wait for 2 turns until this ability can be used again.

Attack Power:

Deveray Cannon: 400
Astral Anti-Special: 0
Sky Crash: N/A
Dimensional Shifting: N/A

Dice Usage:

Deveray Cannon: Special
Astral Anti-Special: Special
Sky Crash: N/A
Dimensional Shifting: N/A


Deveray Cannon: Offensive
Astral Anti-Special: Offensive
Sky Crash: N/A
Dimensional Shifting: N/A

Slot Cost: 6
History: There is no history on Eternity. There have been no known sightings. There is only information that 7 Eterna Beast in total exist. Eternity is a complex creature like the other Eterna Beasts but mystery remains attached to him. Kisuke believes that Eternity is the creature that controls the lifespan of all things. He also believes that without him, none of the Eterna Beasts would be able to have infinite life. This is merely a theory though and nothing more. Kisuke simply pulled the idea from the air and has nothing to back it up with. There is no evidence, no clues, no hints. Everything that he believes about Eternity's existence is based on a random guess based solely on the creature's name.


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Re: Eterna Beast- Eternity [Not Unlocked]

Post by Jisenki on January 1st 2010, 2:43 am

Considering all of the effort required to summon these guys...Approved.

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