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A Friendly Visit... [Open]

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A Friendly Visit... [Open]

Post by Dagomis on November 28th 2009, 3:46 pm

Grim walked into the door of the dojo, bowing in the doorway and turning to face the match that was going on at the moment. Two men were standing in the ring, throwing kicks and punches of mediocre grade. They were far from the master level and far from being able to thoroughly entertain the crowd that was watching, waiting eagerly for the match to end. It could be seen in their faces that they wished for something more. That something more could have been anything better warriors, more spectacular movements, or even blood. Though it was for certain that they were not going to get any today, inside this dojo. This was a dojo which had for many years practiced the safe sparring that was taking the world, rather than the bare knuckles which had at one time turned boys into men and men into warriors. But, though they gave this facade inside the dojo, many of their "men" became full grown bounty hunters, they had skipped the step of warrior and given up on the honor that came with it. This was one of the very interesting things about the dojo. They stayed perpetually calm and under the guise of honor inside the dojo, while on the outside they became men of varying qualities and character. The two faced side of every graduate was something to be beheld. This was evident in the faces of the fighters. They were trying their hardest...not to win the match but to not draw blood. They never wanted the true identity of the dojo to be turned from rumor to fact. The crowd was the one thing that could turn it into such a thing.

Minutes passed as the match continued until one fighter bested the other with a careful sweep and leglock to win by submission. As the match ended, Grim stood up and clapped like the rest of the crowd. A lazy clap that showed appreciation for the show, but not much enthusiasm at the show. As he stood and clapped, he walked toward ring and toward the warrior standing there. It was yet another image of mediocrity, but Grim would have to deal with it until a better opponent came along. When they were both square in the ring, everything was quiet and everyone was staring at the ring, hoping for something better than the last match. Grim was hoping to give them just that. He bowed to his opponent, who reciprocated the gesture, before they both went into the fighting stances. Grim went into a standard cat stance, while the unnamed man went into the opening stance of Monkey style Kung fu. His balance was something to behold, he was incredibly stable though that monkey stance was one that constantly kept someone off balance. He stayed in the stance with ease waiting for referee to call the match. Once done, he dropped to a crouching positions and moved toward Grim in little hops, emulating a monkey. When he was right in front of Grim, he dropped onto his back and through out a kick with the heel of his foot. It caught Grim in the stomach knocking him back a few paces, before he had the chance to respond another kick came at his legs, a spin kick which brought both legs into full force contact with Grim's legs. It knocked him to the ground and left the monkey to flip into the air, ready for the final stomp to the chest. Grim gave him not this satisfaction, he rolled out of the way. He hopped to his feet and a smile hit his face. He began to laugh frantically as a crow appeared on his shoulder and flew to the spot in which he had been sitting. The laughing continued, and was accompanied by an aura. The aura hit and chilled the air at the same time, making the crowd slightly shiver for a moment. The opponent stopped for a moment, a single moment, but this was all that was needed. Grim at him with the fury of a wild dog. He delivered a wonderful 360 back kick, which landed squarely at the chest of the man. Quickly followed with grab at the man's shirt, pulling him forward to deliver a sharp roundhouse to the head. This roundhouse hit and seemed to make the man delirious. The laughing never stopped it was theonly thing heard as Grim released his assault upon the man. While the man was delirious, Grim delivered the final kick combination: a roundhouse to the torso, a hook to the torso and a side kick to the chin. The man only to have his leg locked into a submission maneuver and dislocated neatly, painlessly. Grim got up to the deaf silence that had befallen the crowd. They had received the match that they so wanted but the very manner in which it had been carried out made it the opposite of what they wanted to see.

He turned to the crowd and the doorway, turning in a circle to see the faces of all in the dojo as he spoke. "Who's next?" His smile held an insane pleasure as he waited for the answer.

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