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Signature/Profile Page

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Signature/Profile Page

Post by Jisenki on November 25th 2009, 11:50 pm

-Character List-

[Jisenki Minato]-[Sentou Gakuin]-[Head Warrior]-[Swordsman.Ninja]-[Lightning.Fire.Ice.Psychic]-[Active]-[Blue]
[Wesa Xouta Yagami Zuisho]-[Sentou Gakuin]-[Ryoushi]-[Swordsman.Ninja]-[Sand.Ice]-[Active]-[Olive]
[Zaulqs V`Ferughus]-[No Alliance]-[Independent]-[Spellcaster.Puppeteer]-[Light.Darkness]-[Active]-[Indigo]

-Character Summaries-

After learning about an unfortunate future in which he supposedly dies soon, Jisenki has made it his responsibility to find some way to escape death. While making the attempt to do so, Jisenki encounters the leader of Suzaku himself, who is known as Kisuke. He explains to Jisenki that the world's most powerful creatures will soon awaken to walk and that Suzaku is out to capture them. He also explains that one creature alone has enough power to wipe out Sentou Gakuin. Out of fear, Jisenki begins to train more than ever, preparing himself for the oncoming race for the Eterna Beast. What's more, one of Jisenki's best tsurabi, Dagomis, has vanished without a trace. With little time to spare, Jisenki has begun to create knew armor and has also unlocked a new form, one that he believes to be the last form, of his sword. With all of that being done, he must still warn the school about the not so distant future and still find out some way to avoid this closely nearby death or at least find some way to figure out when it is so that he can be prepared. After some thought, Jisenki has decided that he will need a new Head Warrior for the school...if it remains in existence.

Living alone with no friends, family, or any memories of the past, Kagemaru has been on a quest to find out what his destiny is. At some point, he is confronted by a man known as Kisuke who promises that he can help Kagemaru realize his true destiny and ultimately find out what he truly desires in life. Easily persuaded by the man's words, he decides to join this man's forces known as Suzaku. Immediately after doing so, he is told by Kisuke that he, along with quite a few others, will be sneaking into the boundaries of the school known as Sentou Gakuin with the sole intent of killing someone or at least bringing them back to Kisuke. The mission succeeds and Kagemaru aids the others in capturing a boy from Sentou Gakuin
named Xexame. After a day, much to Kagemaru's surprise and displeasure, Kisuke decides to let Xexame free. Though Kagemaru has yet, to this day, been able to understand Kisuke's intentions in doing so, he has not questioned him. Recently, he has learned that powerful creatures known as the Eterna Beasts have been awakened after 50 years to walk again. As a request by Kisuke, Kagemaru has been asked to aid Suzaku with the capture of the remaining beasts. Understandably, Kagemaru accepts. He is now searching for the team he worked with in the past to request their assistance in the capture of the remaining Eterna Beasts.
While searching the city of Nyukyoto, Kagemaru successfully found the team he worked with. Before finding them though, he noticed a figure outside the hotel. Kagemaru didn't pay too much attention to it. He knew that something would happen that involved the figure at some point in the future. While inside the hotel, he gave the group the decision to decide whether they wanted to take the mission with Suzaku or not. Before they had a chance to decide, the man from earlier appeared. He explained that he was from Sentou Gakuin and wanted to the group to decide what to do. Now they were left with two options: Join Suzaku or join Sentou Gakuin.

Wesa's recent life hasn't been too busy or too adventurous. He has become a hardcore drunk to the point that he basically lives in Roy's Sake Hut. With no bounties to find or capture, Wesa has given up. Although he has plenty of money to spare, he has become bored with the way his life has been. In order to get back in the Bounty Hunting business Wesa has decided that he might work in Dytrol Prison so that he has more of an excuse to find dangerous people. At the moment, he has no knowledge of the Eterna Beast and the current situation.
Weeks later, Wesa changed his life around. He still drinks but does he does so to a lesser extent. Now, he works at Dytrol Prison where he has the duty of finding any people that are possible criminals. He has learned about the activities of Suzaku and has been given the mission of taking down the organization with the overall mission of capturing the leader himself. At this point, Wesa still has nearly no information on the Eterna Beasts but he does know that Suzaku is an active group and is formed by a man that with the alias of Zero.
Nothing much needs to be said about Zaulqs life up to this point. He continues to search the world for new and interesting people, places, and even interesting objects. With multiple lifetimes and multiple creatures, Zaulqs continues to find the world fascinating, never hesitating to examine something that others wouldn't bother to look at twice. Recently, Zaulqs has come across a person by the name of Ragna that he believes must have some type of amnesia. What the person does or what kind of person he truly is has not yet been confirmed.

Head Warrior
Head Warrior

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Re: Signature/Profile Page

Post by Jisenki on December 7th 2009, 11:41 am

Character Themesongs

Jisenki's Themesong