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Eterna Beast-Beauty

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Eterna Beast-Beauty

Post by Kisuke on November 15th 2009, 11:49 pm

Name: Eterna Beast-Beauty

A creature resembling that of a beautiful lady, Eterna Beast Beauty has dark wings that protrude from her waist. She also has many spiked tentacles that stretch out from her back that is capable of striking down multiple opponents at once. A crown like object on her head also allows her the ability to telekinetically control things and to an extend, manipulate smaller objects. Being an Eterna Beast, Eterna is a bit larger than a few other creatures but still within human height while standing at 6 feet and 11 inches, making her quite small for a Faina, and often times mistaken for a lower class creature. A claw is hidden under her gown which is her left hand. The claw is powerful and is a light gray color. Beauty is incapable of flight. Beauty has a color scheme of purple and black. She also has pale skin, but due to her beautiful face, many people who have come across this creature have actually believed that she is a sickly or pale female that lost her way. The wings, claws, and other non-human body parts can easily be hidden beneath the large robe that she wears.

Type of Creature: Eterna Beast
Creature Class: Class 5-Faina
Health Points/Turn Bar: 10 Turns
Summoning: Eterna Beast Capsule and the Eterna Beast Great Ritual Summoning [Link to be posted]
Creature Abilities&Techniques:

Gravity Pulse: Beauty, being the Eterna beast that manipulates Gravity and psychic powers, is able to increase and decrease the gravity flow in the air and cause it to shift for specific people. With this, she is able to create a gravitational pulse on the battlefield that causes all opponent's on the field to take 800 points of damage for each Special Dice and 525 Tsukara paid. Beauty is more obedient then other Eterna Beast, and as a result she is able to target specific characters at will.

Heavenly Claws: Using psychic powers with a combination of her physical wings, Beauty is able to thrash her wings around and cause the damage to be done to her opponent even when they are not within physical range. This is a fairly simple technique, one that any psychic warrior could learn. However, being an Eterna Beast, Beauty is more powerful than average and is better at doing it, causing much greater damage.

Gravira Shift: Using her mastery of gravity and its control over the way warriors fight in battle, Beauty is
capable of switching gravity for characters, not on their entire body, but on any part of their body that she chooses. This goes perfectly with her psychic powers, which gives her even greater control of the actions of her opponent. After paying 600 Tsukara and using a Special Dice, select 1 character on the field and inflict it with Confused. This remains on the character until this creature's turns run out or until another effects cancels it out.

Lure of Lust: This is Beauty's main weapon against her foes and anyone she likes to joke with. Beauty begins to trick her opponent into believing that she is infatuated with them, usually by means of actions that involve almost stripping or blowing a kiss. Actions like these are used in order to trick the target into doing something specific. When this is done, Beauty is free to attack and fool around with the head of anyone that falls victim to her trap. When activated, declare 1 Dice Type (Attack Dice, Defense Dice, Evade Dice, Counter Dice, Special Dice, or Item Dice). Activate this technique by rolling a Special Dice. For the amount of turns indicated by the amount on the Special Dice used for this technique, none of the opponent's on the field are capable of using the declared dice.

Attack Power:

Gravity Pulse-800
Heavenly Claws-500
Gravira Shift-N/A
Lure of Lust: N/A

Dice Usage:

Gravity Pulse-Special Dice
Heavenly Claws-Attack Dice
Gravira Shift-Special Dice
Lure of Lust-Special Dice


Gravity Pulse: Offensive
Gravira Shift: Offensive
Lure of Lust: Supplementary

Slot Cost: 5

The eternal Plane, Phantasmogoria, is where Kisuke discovered Beauty. Not surprisingly, Beauty made the attempt the use her beauty as a way to lure him into a false sense of security. Lucky for Kisuke, he didn't fall for such tricks so easily. Once he was able to see through this trap, Beauty was actually willing to join him. Beauty was never known to be a very aggressive creature. She is, however, known to be very mischievous. Living in Phantasmogoria, not many have seen her and very few stay to her manipulation of gravity within the plane. For whatever reason, the challenge of finding her wasn't very difficult. As for the history of beauty herself, as with every Eterna Beast, it is unknown where their origins are. Do they have a purpose? Why are they here? Do they plan to destroy the world themselves? Are they good, evil, neutral? All are questions asked that have been given no actual answer. It is unknown what Beauty or any Eterna Beast's cause of existence is. One can only imagine.


New Character: Kiregane Sunosuke

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Re: Eterna Beast-Beauty

Post by Jisenki on November 16th 2009, 11:21 am

Overall, I see no problem with the creature. Approved.

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