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Class Choice

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Class Choice

Post by Jisenki on August 26th 2009, 4:24 pm

As may or may not know, its important for a Sentou Gakuin warrior to join a class. As some people have said in the past, they didn't understand the different classes, so this topic will give a brief description of the classes and the different types of techniques that one could learn from each class.

Interrogation Class
-Interrogation Class is a place for a student to go if they wish to question other warriors for information. Secretive warriors, Special Ops, Spies, and assassins will probably take interest in this class due to what it can teach and how one can use these skills. This class actually heavily teaches Illusory and Illusionary techniques that affect the opponent's perception of reality. Such a method of fighting will allow your character to easily get information that they want.

Illusionary techniques require an activation of some sort. One cannot just put a character into a trance randomly. Some activation methods could be staring into another's eyes, placing one's hands on another character's foreheads, or even creating a sound that affects someone through their ears. Illusionary techniques must have a trigger to it or some kind of method that applies in and out of battle.

Survival and Healing

-Survival and Healing class is exactly as it sounds. Your character will learn how to heal themselves and their allies while protecting themselves from danger. Techniques that are learned here are generally defensive and supplementary techniques that put the phrase "the best offense is a good defense" to new meaning.

Strategy Class
-Strategy Class will teach you about how to indirectly strike your foe. What could be better than attacking a target while they are unable to counter or retaliate in any way? Slowly but surely take down your opponent when you use techniques that make use of range, attack power, elements, and time. Many status conditions will be learned here as well.

Tsukara Manipulation
-This class teaches about the practical benefits of Tsukara and how it can be used to each warrior's advantage. You will learn about how to conserve Tsukara and decrease the amount of Tsukara required for powerful techniques. Here, you will also learn how to master other elements skillfully and apply them to your battles.

Physical Combat
-Using your weapons and fists to strike down your foes. An enhanced version of the traditional martial arts class. This class will teach your character how to use their weapons and perform powerful techniques that have explosive power to overwhelm their foes.

Trap Placement
-Traps are very useful in battle as they can take the opponent out when they least expect it. Traps are usually set in advance so that later in battle they can be used to surprise the opponent. Usually, Traps cause damage or effect the opponent.

An example of a trap is as follows:
--By paying 300 Tsukara and rolling 2 dice, this technique can be activated. Once activated, this technique will inflict 800 damage to the opponent if at any time during the battle they use a Special technique that inflicts more than 500 damage but less than 900.
Traps can be as vague as possible or precise and exact as necessary. The more vague the technique, the less it should do. The more exact, the more it could do. Traps can even last once or for the entire battle, because your giving up your defenses to set a trap, which can leave you vulnerable, which in itself can be a big downside. Traps can have an infinite amount of possibilities, but that's based on the creativity of the one making the technique. All Traps, like Illusory techniques, have a trigger or condition that needs to be met before the techhnique actually takes effect. Also, keep in mind that Activation takes place the moment the dice are rolled. Going into effect happens when the technique's condition(s) are met. If the opposing warrior cannot negate the activation, then it will be difficult to keep its effect from occurring.

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