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Weapon Template and Information

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Weapon Template and Information

Post by Jisenki on August 26th 2009, 12:34 am

This is where you will create your character's custom weapons. Remember to read the information on Weapons first so that you can be more familiar with how they will work. The template isn't too different from before, so for those of you that were here before the change this shouldn't be anything too different from what you've experienced before. Remember your slots and how many weapons you are allowed to have equipped based on your character's ranking. You can only have a set number of weapons equipped, but that won't stop you from making as many as you like. Remember that the Attack Power of a weapon is simply how much damage it inflicts when an Attack Dice is rolled to attack when specifically using that weapon to attack. Attacking with a weapon and attacking when a weapon equipped are two different things. Follow the template and be creative and descriptive.

Attack Power Limitations:

Yellow, Red, Blue, Wanderer, Suzaku Grunt--Max. 75 Attack Power
Elite, Trainer, Master, Suzaku Elite, Hunter, Indep.--Max. 290 Atk
Tsurabi, Head Warrior, Suzaku Leader, Ryoushi--Max. 600 Attack Power

-As simple as its been with everything else up to this point. Just give a name for your weapon.

-Give a description of what your weapon looks like. Does it have any peculiar markings to it? How long is it? Is it any special type of color or does it change at different times? Give anything that you think is helpful. You are allowed to have a picture, but a picture is not a substitute. Thi section must be at least 2 lines.

-What does your weapon do? Give its effects in paragraph form, bullet form, or however way you think its best as long as it can be understood and is organized. There are no line requirements.

Attack Power
-When used in battle to attack, how much damage will this weapon inflict to the opponent. The amount of damage it inflicts cannot exceed any values on the chart above.

Dice Usage
-If your weapon has any techniques or special effects, list them and give the dice that they use.

This can be ignored a majority of the time because this only applies to techniques that use a Special Dice. The options for this section are Offensive, Defensive, and Supplementary. A Special technique with Offensive benefits inflict additional damage to a target when the main effect of the technique is resolved. As it is implied, these techniques are purely offensive. For instance, a technique could have the following effect:
::This technique can only be chained by an Evade technique or Special technique with defensive benefits. When this technique successfully inflicts damage to its target, inflict an additional 25 damage to every participant of the battle for each dice that they used so far in the battle.::
As you can see, it does damage and then inflicts an additional amount as the Special effect. This may not always be the case though. Offensive techniques may simply have an Attack Power and have a different effect. This brings us to Defensive benefits, which as one can expect, has defensive properties instead of offensive properties. This can be anything from a shield with a status effect, to a long lasting barrier that can only be broken with certain elements. Finally, Supplementary techniques are very common for the self-influence of one's character. Many people use
Supplementary Special techniques in order to heal, while others use them to enhance their dice or their techniques' Attack Power. Experiment with them and figure out what works best for your character in different situations. Keep in mind that a Special technique can have multiple benefits that have different ways of activating. A technique doesn't need to be so straightforward!


-Many weapons in the world of Sentou Gakuin have the power to change shape in form in order to gain new abilities or techniques. If your weapon does change form, list the name of the new form, the effects of it, and the tsukara cost. If the transformed weapon is like an entirely new weapon, you may use a separate post or an entirely new topic as long as the link is provided in this section. Be just as descriptive here as you would be anywhere else. The information here is very important.

-What is the history of this weapon? Was it just some average weapon purchased in a store, or was it crafted from a mysterious blacksmith? Does it have some strange legend to it? Give creative information right here.

[u][b]Attack Power:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Dice Usage:[/b][/u]

--For Secondary characters--


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