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Main Character Template and Information

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Main Character Template and Information

Post by Jisenki on August 24th 2009, 11:51 pm

This is the main template for creating techniques for your character. Techniques are very difficult to check and approve due to the varying descriptions and the endless possibilities when it comes to the effects of the techniques themselves. Be sure to read the following sections carefully and remember that techniques should be carefully thought about.

First of all, techniques are something that affect the turnout of the battle for many people. Keep in mind that there are different types of techniques like Evade techniques, Counter techniques, and Special techniques. There are also different status conditions that can affect the conditions of the battle. Technically, your character doesn't even need techniques to be good or allowed to battle but many prefer to stick with them anyway.

This is where you will make your custom techniques and abilities. When making your techniques, refer to the template below and follow it, giving good detail and originality. Copy the template once for each technique. The templates should be self-explanatory, but if you have questions, PM myself or a moderator. Refer to the Slot limits [Link] to see the maximum amount of techniques you can make with your Warrior Rank.

Attack Power Limitations:

Yellow, Red, Blue, Wanderer, Suzaku Grunt--Max. 75 Attack Power
Elite, Trainer, Master, Suzaku Elite, Hunter, Indep.--Max. 290 Atk
Tsurabi, Head Warrior, Suzaku Leader, Ryoushi--Max. 600 Attack Power

Keep in mind the following terms
-Tsukara/Skill Bar[Link]

-The title of this topic. If the techniques within the topic are specific to something such as a scroll, book, etc. then title it so that this is known.
>>Example: Book of Prophecy Techniques<<

If they are just plain character techniques, then just label it as such and remember to number the technique list. Whenever you decide to add techniques for your character, MAKE A NEW TOPIC. Do not edit them in an old topic or make a new post within an existing topic or they will not be approved.

-The name of your technique varies in importance based on your character. Overall, the name of each technique is just for identification. Some characters choose to yell their techniques' names out when they use them in battle while some simply use them as they choose. A name gives the technique some identity.

-The range of the technique is actually more important than many people think. The range of a technique allows the mods to know how far your technique will travel. Some characters may have techniques that depend on the knowledge of the distance. You can choose from Close range, Mid-Range, Far range, or No Range; which is used for supplementary techniques that affect one's self and doesn't extend beyond the actual body of the person using it. A Close range technique is about 5 Meters. A Mid-Ranged technique is about 10 Meters. A Far ranged technique is about 20 meters or more. More tsukara and a higher skill level is required for farther technique distances.

Dice Usage
-Dice Usage refers to what Dice the specific technique will be using in the battle in order to be activated. Each dice has a different rate of succession, which is based on the amount of high value rolls. The choices for this section are:

A technique using an Attack Dice allows your character to simply attack using that technique with nothing more to it. A technique using an Attack Dice is not able to bear any side effects of any kind under the technique's own conditions. For example, a technique requiring an Attack Dice cannot leave a character petrified or with any other status effect. It simply hurts the opponent. Attacks using an Attack Dice generally require low Tsukara that is proportional to the attack power of the technique. Attack techniques have a very good chance of striking because of its possible higher dice values.

Techniques that use a Defense Dice have the simple effect of blocking or defending your character from physical harm. These techniques are the simplest types of defenses that require very little effort on the user's part. Defense techniques have no additional effects besides guarding against an attack whether big or small, powerful or weak. Defense technique generally require a small amount of Tsukara. Defense technique have a very good chance of striking because of its higher dice values.

These are techniques that allow your character to maneuver out of the way of incoming attacks. As with Attack and Defense techniques, Evade techniques are very simple techniques for most characters that require very little Tsukara to pull off successfully. Expectedly, not all techniques can be avoided, but many can. Evade techniques have a decent chance of succession.

A counterattack is a technique that allows one to take and redirct an attack in order to inflict a certain amount of damage to their targets. Some counterattack techniques can only target the one that attacked in the first place, while others can target other enemies. Some counterattacks can even target multiple targets at once. Counterattacks generally inflict the same amount or double the power of the technique that was initially used, but it is possible for a technique that only had an Attack Power of 100 to have a countered attack power of 1000, given that the warrior countering was on a high enough level and paid enough Tsukara. Though a feat like this is not impossible, it would require a very powerful warrior that is well above the standard level of their ranking.

Special Techniques are the most used techniques by every warrior. These type of techniques are generally used for attacking or defending, but they usually have side effects that can have varying side effects. An example of this would be a technique that inflicts 300 damage to a character that uses 6 dice a turn and has weapons that enhance their dice rolls by a lot. If the Special technique could Curse that person on contact, then the opponent would have a hard time fighting back because they would need to carefully decide what techniques would be best unless they had HP to waste. Special techniques are usually techniques that can turn things around or give your character an advantage in battle, but many people use them as a way to activate other things too. Use Special techniques to your character's advantage but don't overuse them because they don't have a high rate of succession and generally would cost more Tsukara than average techniques.

An Escape Dice is really useful although it is more useful when in a mission battle or in a non-training battle. Escape techniques allow your character to do exactly what you would think: Escape from battle! There are some rules to using an Escape dice though compared to other dice. An Escape Dice can be used whenever you feel like your character needs to leave as long as its your turn. When rolled, your dice value will need to be 10 or more rather than being higher than your opponent's dice. Escape dice do not usually work under standard conditions very often so don't wait untill the last minute to use them. Also, know that Escape techniques usually require more Tsukara than average techniques, so be prepared to lose a decent amount of Tsukara when using this technique.

Attack Power
-The Attack Power of a technique is the determining factor of how much damage your technique will do to your target. When a technique has more power, they generally tend to require more Tsukara. Each ranking of warrior has its own limits so keep this in mind.

Tsukara Value
- The Tsukara Value of a technique refers to the amount of overall tsukara required to use the technique. Whenever a technique is used, the technique's Tsukara value is depleted from the warrior's overall tsukara bar. It is important to keep Tsukara high in order to use some of your best techniques when needed, but it is also good to know that balancing yourself and using only certain techniques in certain situations are the key to victory. The tsukara value of a technique is proportional to the ranking of the character, the determined level of the technique, the attack power of the techniques, and its effects.

Warrior Affinity
- This is really simple. The only thing that is required here is the warrior class or classes that this technique can be used by. If your technique requires swords, then swordsman will use this. The only Warrior Affinity that you may have here are Warrior Classes that the character actually has.

Elemental Affinity
- The elemental affinity refers to what element or elements the technique has. There is no limit to the amount of elements that a technique can have, but all increases anid decreases due to element apply, so if a technique is both water and fire and goes against a technique that is lightning and water, all increases and decreases are nullified. Keep this in mind when thinking about what element to make a technique. Techniques can only have elements that your character actually knows.

- This can be ignored a majority of the time because this only applies to techniques that use a Special Dice. The options for this section are Offensive, Defensive, and Supplementary. A Special technique with Offensive benefits inflict additional damage to a target when the main effect of the technique is resolved. As it is implied, these techniques are purely offensive. For instance, a technique could have the following effect:
::This technique can only be chained by an Evade technique or Special technique with defensive benefits. When this technique successfully inflicts damage to its target, inflict an additional 25 damage to every participant of the battle for each dice that they used so far in the battle.::
As you can see, it does damage and then inflicts an additional amount as the Special effect. This may not always be the case though. Offensive techniques may simply have an Attack Power and have a different effect. This brings us to Defensive benefits, which as one can expect, has defensive properties instead of offensive properties. This can be anything from a shield with a status effect, to a long lasting barrier that can only be broken with certain elements. Finally, Supplementary techniques are very common for the self-influence of one's character. Many people use Supplementary Special techniques in order to heal, while others use them to enhance their dice or their techniques' Attack Power. Experiment with them and figure out what works best for your character in different situations. Keep in mind that a Special technique can have multiple benefits that have different ways of activating. A technique doesn't need to be so straightforward!

-Finally, we've come to the most important part of the template: The Description. The description of the technique determines what the technique will do. A description needs to be detailed and give sufficient information in order to be deemed worthy be the moderators for your character. Consider your character and what ranking you think your technique is. A powerful technique that could kill hundreds doesn't belong in the arsenal of a Yellow rankied warrior. Make sure that the description is well...descriptive. The line requirement is short, but that's not an invitation to make techniques that have no effort. 2 lines are very simple to do once you describe what the technique looks like and what it does in the actual battle. With that being said, don't try to just meet the criteria and hope that you will still be approved. The mods can deny a technique if it isn't detailed enough even if it fits all of the line criteria.


[u][b]Name:[/b][/u] (What's the name of your technique?)
[u][b]Range:[/b][/u] (How far can your technique reach? Close, Mid-Ranged, or Far?)
[u][b]Dice Usage:[/b][/u] (What Dice does this technique use? Attack, Defensive, Counterattack, Evade, Escape, or Special?)
[u][b]Attack Power:[/b][/u]
(How much power does your attack, Special Attack, or counterattack do?Refer to the chart above to see the Attack Power limits for each Warrior Rank.)
[u][b]Tsukara Value:[/b][/u] (The amount of points that will be deducted from your Skill Bar after a use of this technique)
[u][b]Warrior Affinity:[/b][/u] (What Warrior Class does this technique correspond to? Label only the Main Warrior Class and not the Sub-Class.)
[u][b]Elemental Affinity:[/b][/u] (What element(s) is this technique?)
[u][b]Benefit:[/b][/u] (Answer only if the Dice Usage is Special. Is this technique Supplementary, Offensive, or Defensive?)
[u][b]Description:[/b][/u] (Explain what this ability does, what it looks like, etc. Be descriptive!! Must be at least 2 lines)

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