Where to Start After Registering

Welcome to Sentou Gakuin. I understand that some people that are new to RP forums and even some that are not may be wondering about where to go and what is needed. This guide should contain everything that you need to help find your way around the forum and start RPing as quickly as possible. Each series of steps are broken up into parts that should make the process of creating your character and other things such as techniques, weapons, and creatures much simpler. Pictures, links, and examples should be available further help your knowledge and understanding of the forum and the processes required.

--Part I--

First of all, understand that the forum uses a method known as RPing, which stands for Role-Playing. Role-Playing is a turn based type of gaming in which no graphics are used. Instead, you are expected to use your imagination (with visual aids if you choose) to create the changing life of your story. If done alone, an RP is basically a self-written book. When done with others, the average book becomes a large story influenced by multiple people with their own writing styles and characters. Many people assume that no graphics means that the forum isn't fun. This is a common misconception. The forum can still be, and for many is, fun and can be enjoyed. Its simply something that you must learn about and try like anything else in life. My advice is to try RPing before you form a negative opinion. If you like it then feel free to stay. If you don't like it then that's fine too and you can leave at anytime you want. With that being said, I'll begin to teach you about the process of creating your character and the different things required for your character.

Character Creation

[Link to Character Creation]

The Character Creation section is usually the first place that you'll choose to go. Naturally, the Character Creation section is the place that you go to create your character. Keep in mind that this forum does not have graphics, which means that your creativity and writing abilities play an important role here. As long as you follow the templates, you should be able to understand it clearly.

As you read the template, you'll notice that you are asked to designate whether the character is Sentou Gakuin, Suzaku, or a Wanderer. Below is a really brief description of the three.

Sentou Gakuin

Sentou Gakuin is known as the world's most powerful school, teaching young warriors how to harness their powers and skills to use effectively in various combat scenarios. Besides being the world's most powerful school, Sentou Gakuin also holds the world's strongest military power, which rivals that of the extremely well-known Dytrol Prison.

Suzaku is a very powerful organization under the manipulation of its founder Kisuke Sunosuke, which has the ultimate goal of controlling the world and obtaining ultimate power. Their main hindrance is the school Sentou Gakuin which prevents them from achieving their desired due to Sentou Gakuin's high military power.

Wanderers have their own wishes and desires. They do as they please and interact with whomever they please. Many wanderers are Bounty Hunters fall under this category. Also falling under this category are Dytrol Officers and Guards. Dytrol Prison is known for its own power, rivaling that of Sentou Gakuin's, and is also known for storing the world's most powerful warriors that are too dangerous to remain among the society of the general public.

--Part II--

By this point, you should have your Character Created and ready for approval. You don't need to wait for your character to get approved in order to continue on with the creation of your character's techniques, weapons, equipment, items, and creatures. Start now! Trust me, you'll save a lot of time. The mods and admins tend to be busy with helping other members, approving other things on the forum, updating, or even things outside of the forum in their personal lives. Take your time and work on everything ahead of time so that the wait is much shorter.

--Part III--

Now that your character is made and he/she has been fitted with all that your fantasy has to offer him/her, you'll need to embark on a journey. From this point, things begin to vary and become different based on what your character is (Sentou Gakuin, Suzaku, or Wanderer).

As a student at Sentou Gakuin, you have plenty of options. It is recommended that characters begin at Yellow Rank to achieve the greatest benefits. As a student at Sentou Gakuin, your goal is to be the best warrior possible and climb to the top of the ranking ladder within the school. Being a new Yellow Rank warrior (if that's what you chose), you need to fight in order to move up to the ranking of Elite and possibly Head Warrior. This means that your character will need to engage in combat a lot. There are ample ways of achieving levels for your character and getting their strength to the next level. Missions, Classes, Training. All of these are ways to earn points to improve the strength of your character. Even Random Battles with other characters can achieve the desired result. Being an RPG forum, there will also be a storyline which means that your character can participate and achieve the skills that way. Join a team. Defeat higher rank characters to boost your own character's rank.

Within Suzaku, things will be a little more difficult. Each member acts mostly based on their superiors orders which means that taking missions are essential. There is some freedom to your character although most actions are probably determined by the character's personal goals and the goals of Suzaku, which includes tasks and missions that are assigned.

Wanderers can do a multitude of things. Bounty Hunters can be a lone wolf or form a team in order to seek out their prey and turn them in for well deserved cash. Some wanderers are considered evil while others are considered good for their actions. Wanderers also have the opportunity to become members of Dytrol Prison's staff. The best thing to do as a Wanderer is to discover for yourself.

--Part IV--

From here on, all that's left to do is embark on your quest. Your character should do more than just wait for things to happen to them. They should actively seek out events and build upon their storyline. This means that you should decide whether your character will fit well in some miscellaneous and random topics that you may come across. Who knows? Your character might get themselves into something unbelievable.