Sentou Gakuin Battle Mechanics

On the forum Sentou Gakuin, most of the battles are played as though it was an RPG (Role-Playing Game). Just like an RPG, there are things needed to play. The list below will include everything that you'll need in order to play this game. In the sections to come, I will take apart each topic and explain it in as much detail as possible.

Character (Includes Weapons, Techniques, etc)
Life and Stamina
Battle System


Like any RPG, the characters within it are the most important. Without characters, there can be no RPG because no activity and events can occur. The first thing to do before trying to actually participate is to make your character. The character you make will embark on the path that he or she chooses. Make your character meaningful. The more thought you put into your character, the more unique it will be. Generic characters begin to get boring and eventually cause the user to not want them anymore. This leads to the character being forgotten which then leads to an inactive character. Unfortunately, when one character becomes inactive and had some type of story with other characters, it ruins the Role Playing experience of the other characters involved. Basically, don't rush. Take your time. Create a well thought out character. Have fun.

On most circumstances, RPGs involves fighting or some form of combat. The same is true with Sentou Gakuin. Your character is going to need some type of weapons, armor, and skills if they hope to survive the world of Sentou Gakuin. Make techniques, weapons, creatures, and skills that suit your character. Many RPGs offer about 9 Classes of Warrior, 12 Races with unique abilities, and predetermined weapons. This isn't so restrictive. Use your creativity as your tool. There are an endless amount of possible Races, 7 Warrior Classes with a combined total of 23 Sub-Classes, and 16 Elements to choose from. The Warrior Market, a place to search and purchase Items, Armor, Weapons and Creatures, are being updated every week. Take advantage of that. You have plenty to choose from. Remember that your creativity is the ultimate weapon in your arsenal on this RPG.


Your character is going to need to inflict some damage to the other characters if you plan on winning any battles. After your skills and character has been approved and ready for battle, you are ready to get your Stats. Unlike other RPGs, Stats aren't automatically calculated and generated on Sentou Gakuin. Each character will have individual statistics based on what Ranking they started as. (See Below).

Yellow Ranked Warrior
Health Points: 1200
Tsukara: 700
Techniques:: 7 Slots
Weapons:: 2 Slots
Equipment:: 1 Slots
Creatures:: 1 Slots

This is where the forum becomes a little more unique. Instead of having stats like: Atk, Def, Speed, Evade, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def, etc. The only things that are needed are Slots.

Your slots are extremely important to your character's success in battle. The more slots that your character has, the more that you'll be able to equip to your character to help you in  battle. Stats are generally earned from missions and ranking up but through certain items and even events, one can enhance their slots.


Your character, like in any other RPG, needs to have some means of winning and losing. Each battle on the forum for the most part is a game of survival. Whose character can stay alive the longest? It goes without saying that the higher the Health of your character, the more likely you are to live longer than your opponent. Although this isn't always true, this is a common factor to the battle. Stamina also plays its role. In most RPGs, the idea of Life and Stamina usually takes the form of HP(Health Points) and MP(Magic Points). The same is true on this forum although Tsukara takes the place of Magic. For those familiar to RPGs, Tsukara shouldn't be too difficult to understand. In order to use your character's techniques and abilities, Tsukara must paid. Naturally, the more powerful the technique and ability, the more Tsukara required to activate it. This means that your character will constantly need to improve their Tsukara amount so that they can use more powerful techniques and abilities.



Keep up with the forum's plot and storyline. Your character doesn't need to strictly follow the plot but it would help your character immensely if they understood what was going on. Like an RPG with no meaning, having your character roam outside of the storyline forever will most likely leave your character in an unwanted position. Stay in the plot and be apart of what's going on. Life will be much more fun, much easier, and your character will doing much better off.


Now for the main section that usually causes the most confusion and trouble. The true Battle Mechanics of the forum lies within the dice usage and how it affects the overall gameplay. At this point, you should have everything you need to participate in a battle against another character. Now, you need to learn how to control your character in combat so that you can win some battles.

First of all, you'll need to actually have your character in a battle. Once this is done, your ready to begin battling.

In order to access the dice button, you'll need to click the Post Reply button   Reply to topic
instead of typing in the Quick Reply box.

Next, you'll need to find the dice icon located at the top menu.

This is the dice button   . From here, you simply select which dice you want to roll that corresponds to already created and approved techniques that your character has. The list includes the following dice:

Excluding the Item Dice, your character will only be able to roll two of the above dice at a time per turn. As time goes on, your character may acquire abilities, techniques, or items that will allow the use of more dice, but initially, the "Two Dice Rule" stands.

Role-Playing on the Forum

So now that you know how to attack, I'll begin to talk about the "Chain" used within the mechanics of battle. The Chain is the combination of multiple techniques and/or abilities being used by each character. The final technique and/or ability of the Chain is what remains while the other techniques or abilities are ineffective under the most ordinary circumstances. An example of a chain will be below.

Player 1: Activates First Aid to heal an ally. (Special Dice)
Player 2: Activates Spell Negation to negate the activation of First Aid. (Special Dice)
Player 1: Activates an Ability that has the effect of disabling the effects of any Special technique used by the opponent during the previous turn as long as 500 Tsukara is paid. (Special Dice)

Player 1 wins the chain by negating the opponent's technique. Their First Aid technique is achieved as planned.

This is a chain. At some points within a battle, your character will encounter a technique that may affect them in negative ways. By some means, your character or maybe an allied character may want to negate or deactivate that technique. By responding to another technique with your technique, you have started a chain. A chain can go on very long or it can be very short. This depends on the effects of the character's technique.


So now you seem to be getting the hang of how to use your techniques better. Its time we move onto damage. Each character in a battle has a Health Points Bar and a Tsukara Bar. In a battle, the first person whose Health Points reach 0 loses.

Your Health Points are IMPORTANT!! For any of you that have played Fire Emblem, you may remember that in a battle your characters can die. Unlike in an RPG like Pokemon, where you can go to a building to simply revive them and try again, your character on Sentou Gakuin CANNOT be revived. They cannot come back to life if killed. This means that extreme care should be taken for your character so that they are powerful enough to survive against other characters. Keep in mind that not all battles will end in death if you lose. Some battles may be a result of training while others may be for some type of event. Depending on what your character is doing, he/she may not die. When participating in missions, your character will probably not die unless the mission is of a higher ranking like A or S. Asking questions would be the best way to determine which type of battle can lead to death. If anything though, this means that your character should participate in more battles so that they can be more powerful. Why be hunted when you can be the hunter?

Everything required for battle is now known. A minimum of 2 characters begin battle. As the battle goes on, each player is using their character's techniques, abilities, weapons, etc to lower their opponent's Health Points first and work them into submission. The battle ends when a character escapes, forfeits, or has their HP reach 0. Simple right? Now how about after the battle?

When a battle is over, a character will gain some experience points based on their ranking and how much they wrote during the battle (RP-wise). This means that you are highly encouraged and even somewhat expected to make your battle as interesting as possible by telling the story of your character. As you gain experience, your character's level will increase which means that their overall statistics will greatly improve.

Experience Points

Now that you understand more about the mechanics of the game and how it is played, its time for you to get out there and actually play the game. Just remember to do your best, ask questions, and more importantly: Have fun! Good Luck our there. The road to being a warrior is a long one.